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Dedicated Individuals To Join My Advance Reading Team
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About My Advance Reading Team

What they do, why I need them and how it works…

Why Do We Need A Final Check?

When a book has been fully edited, formatted and proofread it’s ready for publication as far as the production team is concerned. However, a few minor errors sometimes creep through because when you’re so close to a text and have read it so many times you can suffer from ‘typo blindness’. You just don’t spot the obvious mistakes because you’ve seen them so many times before and still not spotted them, your brain convinces you it’s perfect. This is where a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ is really helpful – and the more ‘eyes’ the better.

My Advance Reading Team is a dedicated group of volunteers who agree to read my book(s) immediately before it’s published to help spot any last minute errors that have been missed by the production team – including me! Some publishers and authors do it, others don’t bother – it’s all down to personal choice, printing deadlines and a whole bunch of other stuff. I take pride in my work and really want it to be as perfect as possible. Therefore I’m building my own Advance Reading Team to give it that ‘final once over’ to help spot and correct any last minute errors before we go to final print.

Reviews & Feedback

Publishers usually produce Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) and send them to influential individuals, such as magazine editors and other useful contacts in the trade to encourage positive reviews before the book is released to the general public. These reviews are then used in the marketing material during the launch campaign to help sell the book.

I’m looking for members of my Advance Reading Team to provide me with honest reviews telling me what they thought about my book. I’ll also welcome any other feedback that may help me improve it in the future, or even possibly help me with my marketing efforts. I want to hear what you have to say!

Honesty is the Best Policy

It’s important to stress that I’m looking for pure and honest feedback and every team member’s contribution is valued regardless of whether it’s good or bad. This is a serious and professional independent part of my production process and I certainly will not be trying to influence anyone in any way at all!

What you think about my book is what I want to hear and your feedback is important and your comments final – otherwise what’s the point?

Not Just A Free Book

This is a serious commitment both on my part and on yours. It most certainly is NOT an excuse to grab a free copy of my book and read it someday in the dim and distant future. I’m asking for your help in making a vital contribution to the overall project within a specific timeframe because we have very real deadlines to meet.

You will, of course, receive a free copy of my book in exchange for your time, dedication and commitment to the project and for providing your feedback along the way. My approach to this whole process is different because it’s not just a one-off exercise where I send you my book, you read it, and then send me an email with your comments.

What I want to make it more fun and engaging than that – plus there are other benefits of being a member of the team!

Your Commitment

As an active and dedicated member of my Advance Reading Team you will need to commit to reading the book from cover to cover within a few weeks. Don’t worry, we will do this together and we’ll break it into smaller chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. My book “21st Century Marketing: What it is, why it matters and how to do it” is 289 pages in total and is split into three logical sections; what, why and how. Each section is about 95 pages (give or take) and the plan is to go through one section a week for three weeks to get the job done thoroughly, thoughtfully, as quickly as possible in a structured manner.

There are plenty of diagrams and lots of white space throughout the book to make an easy to read and Daren, my graphic designer, has done a fantastic job of typesetting to make every page appealing and easy on the eye. My writing style is also very conversational, which also helps, and I’ve been very pleased with some comments I’ve received so far other members of the team who have said enjoyed reading it – which is a relief! Bear in mind that my target audience is entrepreneurs and small business owners who typically don’t have a lot of spare time but do need to build their marketing skills quickly and efficiently. And let’s face it – if it was hard going and a real slog they’d never get past page 5 and the whole thing would be a waste of time!

How it Works

So here’s what we’re going to do: if you can commit to reading about 95 pages a week, which is about 14 pages a day and should take you about twenty minutes over a coffee (depending on your reading speed), then please complete the form below. If your application is successful I’ll send you a copy of the book and we’ll get started. You’ll have a week to read the first section and I’ll send you a couple of emails during the week to remind you, keep you motivated, and share any comments we’ve received so far.

You’ll also have my dedicated Advance Reading Team email address which is only available to team members so you can submit any questions at any time during the week and I’ll answer them personally either before or during our weekly online review sessions.

You also need to commit to submitting your feedback by the end of each week before the live online review session. Depending on my schedule I’m planning on holding a weekly review session where we can discuss your thoughts, comments, feedback and I’ll answer any questions before we start the next section. Think of it as an online Q&A session – a bit like a webinar with no sales pitch at the end! I’ll start by presenting the feedback we’ve received during the week and then we’ll dive into the live Q&A. This gives me the chance to hear what you have to say and for you to get the most out of the process. It’s a real Win-Win!

But what if you can put it down, find my writing style riveting, have more time available and want to finish in just a couple of days? That’s no problem at all, in fact that’s better for me because I get your feedback quicker. You are free to go at whatever pace you choose as long as we meet our weekly targets and you give regular feedback. Details will be included in your Advance Reading Team Members Welcome Pack.

It’ll Be Fun! Plus…

My objective is to make the whole review process fun, interactive, engaging, and useful. And of course, one of the hidden benefits to you is the one-to-one coaching you’ll get personally from me as we go along. You’ll also build your own marketing skills based on what you learn from the book so the whole thing is like and having your own private Master Class.

Does that sound good?

Would you like to join my Advance Reading Team and contribute to the success of my book?

That’s fantastic!

But first I need to ask you a question…

Do You Quality?

My book “21st Century Marketing: What it is, Why it matters and how to do it” has been written specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners who have little or no marketing experience, training or formal marketing education. One of the main objectives of the review process is to make sure it ‘hits the spot’ and it meets their needs. Therefore I’m ideally looking for members of my target audience to join my Advance Reading Team because they’re the one who can best advise me and ‘tell it like it really is!’

I’m sure you understand! Therefore if you meet one of the following conditions then I’d really like to hear from you.

Is this you?

  1. Do you one day dream of starting your own business or are in the process of planning or starting your first venture?
  2. Have started your business within the last two years and are still getting to grips with everything the modern world of marketing throws at you?
  3. Have been in business for more than two years, are reasonably well established, do most of your marketing yourself and have less than ten full-time employees?

If so then I’d invite you to apply to join this very special team using the form below.

Okay Decision Time!

Are you in, out, or not quite sure?

If you’re sitting on the fence and not quite sure whether joining my Advance Reading Team is for you then maybe reading just the first chapter will help you decide. If that’s the case then please just click here and I’ll happily send you Chapter 1 absolutely free of charge which is yours to keep whether or not you decide to apply to join the team once you’ve read it.

But don’t be long! I’m only offering a limited number of places to join my Advance Reading Team for the simple reason that has to be a small dedicated group given the personal nature and interaction of the team. I can only work personally with a handful of people who can commit and show dedication to achieving the ultimate goal.

Places Are Limited

I’m going to have to limit it to about 60 places and I need an even representation from my target audience. That’s 20 budding entrepreneurs who would love to start their own business, 20 small business owners who are still in ‘start-up mode’ (which is typically those who have been trading for less than two years), and 20 small business owners with established businesses who have been going for more than two years and have less than ten full-time employees.

In all cases the business owner, or potential business owner, should be responsible for the marketing activities business

Why? Because it’s these heros of the modern economy I’m most passionate about helping achieve their dreams!

If you’re IN you know what to do – simply fill out the form below and submit your application today.

If this is not for you and your OUT, then the mere fact that you’re still reading this shows you’re at least interested in something I’ve had to say so thank you for your interest.  I appreciate your time and as a token of my appreciation for at least considering my offer I’d like to send you a FREE copy of Chapter 1 which you can get by clicking here.

But if you’re still UNDECIDED then this is the link you’ll need.

Okay! Onwards and upwards!

Have a great day and I look forward to working with you very soon 🙂

Best wishes




Chris Kent MSc

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