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Chris Kent MCMI ACIM
Business & Digital Marketing Strategist

Chris Kent MCMI ACIM Business & Digital Marketing Strategist

The New Digital Landscape


The Digital Skills Gap and the Challenge of Cyber-Space

Google estimate the UK digital skills gap will exceed 100,000 by 2016 – that means there will be 100,000 more jobs than skilled people to fill them.  Not good news if you are trying to take advantage of the opportunities the digital age offers particularly when trying to level the playing field with your competitors and gain competitive advantage!


One solution is to develop the skills in-house and focus your activities to things you can manage and do well.  But that may not be enough – particularly when the power has shifted from the marketer to the consumer with the proliferation of social media.  Consumers can have open conversations in cyber-space about your company and your brand that you have no control over.  Managing your company’s image online is becoming increasingly important as consumer power increases with review sites and other platforms to air their grievances (or shout your praise).


Google First…

Google is the first port of call when consumers – your customers – want information and decide their want to buy your products and services.  The (not so) young demand your online presence if you want to be seen in their world – be it on their mobile phone, iPad or laptop.



“If your business is not online then you are invisible to me – in my world you don’t even exist!” 

Alex (34) Accountant


Can you afford to take the chance of not being noticed?


These are the consumers of the present and the future.  And consumers can influence others far more easily than any business can today


Go Digital or Die!

This has already become the mantra of the modern age.  WiFi is considered by many to be a basic human need akin to food, water, and air.  In a world which is always online you need to be where your customers are and where they can engage with you – and on their terms if you are going to gain their attention.


The new environment requires a new set of skills but there is so much to consider where do you start?


Should you be on Facebook?


Do you need a mobile responsive website?


How about your very own YouTube channel?


How do you create a LinkedIn profile that shows your ‘best side’ to the world?


Do you really need an App for that?


These are all questions that face every business owner in 2014 yet there is not one simple answer – there is no ‘one size fits all!




Because every business relies on people - and people are different…


But where do you start?

Understanding the digital landscape and how your business fits into it given your unique blend of products, services, people, skills, and goals is an excellent start.


The starting point?  Start by defining your Digital Marketing Strategy and gain a real world understanding of what you can achieve with the resources you have.


And that’s where I can help... 


I specialise in developing strategic digital solutions and help you realign your business to take advantage of the unique opportunities the digital age can offer you.  Whatever your budget and no matter how ambitious your goals it all starts here!


So if you think I can help you with any area of maximising the use of digital marketing in your business then please call me on 07624-433368 or email ckent@manx.net.